A New Chapter…..

It is funny how life changes and things you thought were over, suddenly come back to life. I am on an exciting journey to creating a new clothing line! My passion for textile & fashion design has come back but this time we are doing it a little differently…..

ANTHOLOGY- /ænˈθɒl.ə.dʒi/ a collection of stories, poems etc

We all have a story. And we love to hear tales that we can relate to. They make us feel included, not alone & that someone else understands us.

ANTHOLOGY’s story has been created over time and tells a tale of happiness, sadness, laughter, frustration, triumph & courage, things we have all felt over the course of our lives. This story is relatable and caring, inclusive and individual. From humble beginnings selling pretty skirts in a field, to creating collections of “slow fashion” that will stand the tests of time Anthea Lawrence Design has come a long way.

Inspired by my mother, some of whose handmade clothes, I still wear, I want to create collections for my sassy sisterhood that they will love and treasure. I want women to feel fabulous and perhaps even pass on an item or two to their own daughters, so they can tell their mothers story too.

ANTHOLOGY is for the woman that dares to be different. Be brave, be bold, tell the world your story for it is unique and deserving.

Anthea xx

PS - the website is a work in progress……. anthology.co.nz will be online soon

So where have I been the last few years? Things just seemed to happen and I sort of lost my mojo. In early 2015 unfortunately, my mum passed away, then a week later I had a hysterectomy as a precaution against cervical cancer. Later that year I injured both my knees training for a adventure sport event and had to have surgery in 2016. We then went on to design and build our new home, where I managed the project. That process took a couple of years during which time my dad passed away, leaving a large hole in our lives. We finally moved into our new home in 2018. But I was not inspired to get back into designing clothing and selling the way that I had been. I have spent the last few months researching and finding amazing sources for sustainable fabrics and I am so excited to now be working on a new range of slow fashion garments that will be trotted out for retailers to view in February 2020. The range will then be in selected stores from about September 2020 in time for summer.

What is different about this new range? Well, Anthology is striving to be Fair-trade, Recycled, Ethical & Eco-friendly whenever possible. What I like to call “FREE-range Creation” (TM). Sourcing fabrics that are gentle on the planet as well as having our manufacturing done right here in New Zealand, means that I am able to confidently say that Anthology is an ethical fashion company. I am also going to be wholesaling to retailers and not venturing out into the fields and gardens of the Fete circuit anymore. Yay!

Slow fashion Made in New Zealand with sustainable fabrics

Slow fashion Made in New Zealand with sustainable fabrics