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Marry Me in Central Otago is the one-stop shop for your Petite Pop-up Weddings, Elopements and Celebrant services.

The average cost of a wedding in NZ is $35,000….

That is a huge amount of money to spend on one day, not to mention the time and stress involved in all the planning and negotiations with vendors. That is why our Petite Pop-up weddings are the perfect solution for savvy couples wanting to do their day, their way.

So what is a Petite Pop-up Wedding?

We have all heard of the term Elopement, right? Well traditionally an elopement was when a couple ran away in secret to get married without the consent or knowledge of their parents. Now the meaning has changed to mean more of an intimate, small wedding with few guests, if any. Our Petite Pop-up weddings are an elopement done in style. More glamourous than a registry office, but less stress and pomp than a full blown wedding.

We are here to help lovers marry in a beautiful, intimate way that is meaningful to them. We provide the epic location, the ceremony, flowers, food, bubbles, witnesses (if you need them) and the photographer to capture every magical moment of their “Wee Wedding”.

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