I am of the mind that women should not have to choose between comfort and style. I try to design clothing that has a bit of a timeless quality, and obviously will stand out in a crowd. The prints are so distictive that it allows my customers to wear them for years on end and still get a compliment. 

All of the FROCK line is made in Christchurch, New Zealand by a wonderful small company that I have supported for almost 10 years. I am very proud to keep production in New Zealand where the quality of the work-woman-ship is of the highest quality. I feel that my customers are getting an amazing, unique, distictive product that will see them through many years, and that is worth its weight in gold.

I love colour and pattern and I reflect that in my clothing line FROCK. I design all the prints for my clothing line which is what I love to do most. I want to create something different for my customers, something that stands out and always gets a "wow, I love your outfit".

I am inspried by elements from vintage design and nature. It might be a small geometric shape from a 1960's wallpaper, or a leaf that I pick up from the garden that I am attracted to. I then draw it, colour it then turn it into a pattern that I can recolour over and over.

The hardest thing is choosing which designs I will make into fabrics, then deciding what to make from that fabric. It is exciting and fun everytime the new fabircs come it. I am very luck to be able to have this as my work and I appreciate my customers who love my designs as much as I do.

Anthea x