Yesterday I did somehting on my FB page that I have never done before, but am now thinking is one of the best things I have ever done, ever!

I wrote a post yesterday asking my followers to  comment on my post and tell their friends how they feel about them. This was motivated after talking with a friend the other day. We spoke about this and that, then we came to the topic of where she was going with her life. Her lack of self-confidence amazed me. My perception of her was a hard-working, enthusiastic, driven & passionate woman..... hers (about herself) was not so. This got me thinking that I don't tell my friends enough how fabulous and amazing they really are. Perhaps we all fail at doing that. Just think how good we feel when someone spontaneously says something positive about us.

The comments that came through were so special. I was in admiration of these women who instill such love and respect from their friends. What I also loved, was that the friends wrote back, with gratitude and reciprocation, creating a bubble of joy.

I now want to post the same challenge again, and again, and again. And why not? How fabulous and appreciated do we feel when someone says something nice about us? I know I want to give the feeling back to that person and to give it on to others. The boost in my mood elevates, I feel better about everything and that is felt by my family, which then creates more joy for us all.

So go ahead and randomly tell your friends why you love them, go on.....tell her!